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We are taking on the challenge of completing a Tadem SKydive in September 2020! We took some time discussing charities we would like to raise money for and we came to the desicion to raise money and awarness for 2 chairties one being Stem4 and the other being YoungMinds. We feel very passionate in helping young children and teens who are struggling with mental health. We feel like there has to be more information and awarness based aroung young mental health and ways that teens and young children can reach out and get the correct help that they require. Both of these charities touch our hearts in many ways and we feel for us these are the most fitting charities who will reach our goal and create improvement to youngsters all accross the UK. Any donation small or large will help out these amazing charities and we would be so greatful and thankfull for any type of donation! We look forward to sharing our Sky Diving experience with you!

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Fundraising started!
Fundraising started!

Rachel, Marianne and lauren skydive 2020 has launched a fundraising campaign, show your support with a donation!