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In March 2020, a stem4 team (including me!) is taking part in the Malta Marathon (half marathon walk/half marathon/marathon) to raise funds to support teenage mental health. Lots of our supporters will also be joining us in trying to raise a massive £10,000 to help the charity continue the AMAZING work we do (ok I am a little biased!).

If you haven't heard about stem4 from me, then here are a few examples of the fantastic work we do with teenagers:

  • we have 3 apps that are completely free for young people to download - Calm Harm (to help manage the urge to self-harm) which has been downloaded 1.1 million times across 171 countries; Clear Fear (to help manage anxiety); Combined Minds (to help parents/carers and friends support a young person's mental health); and Move Mood, funded by Comic Relief/Paul Hamlyn Foundation, is coming soon! The feedback we get from users of the apps is fantastic - the apps are free but cost lots to develop and maintain
  • our website has a huge amount of information on different mental health topics not just for young people, but also their families, schools and health professionals. It's all written by a Clinical Psychologist and is evidence-based. It gives advice, has downloadable resources, and signposts to further information
  • we run mental health conferences for secondary schools - these highlight the early signs of mental health issues and where young people can go for help, and also tips to maintain good mental health. Our ambassadors come along and share their stories and the conferences are really inspiring! Delegates go back to their individual schools as ambassadors of mental health

There are so many other things that stem4 does too, so if you could spare a few pounds to sponsor me in this event, I would really appreciate it. All money raised goes directly towards the charity (I am funding flights/hotel etc).

Or, if you fancy joining me, there is still time to sign up at:

Thank you for your support





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