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Caroline Cox

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As you all know, I've worked in fundraising for many years (too many to mention!) and I have recently joined the most magificent charity - stem4.

A teenage mental health charity, we are based locally in Wimbledon and reach young people in need across the globe primarily through our innovative digital resources. Outreach to local schools, GP's and nurses enable us to inform and share the signs of mental health issues for early intervention amongst local communities in London.

Many of you know that I have arthritis, and active challenges are not high on my to do list!! However, I've seen so many young people close to me endure struggles within, that I have decided to take part in this challenge to raise much needed funds to expand projects, and  hope that through the work of stem4, we can reach further and offer support and hope to many more.

On 1st March 2020 I shall be taking part in the GIG Malta Half Walking Marathon on the beautiful island of Malta and am hoping that you will be able to support me in my endeavours. It really doesn't matter what you can spare, but it all goes directly to good work. (The cost of the flight and hotel will not be paid for out of fundraising). I am grateful for any support to help my reach my target of £250 and thank you in advance.

Very best wishes - Caroline x

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