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Anna Clingan

AC takes on the Malta half marathon!



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Hello all!

In March 2020, a stem4 team is embarking on a huge fundraising mission in Malta aiming to raise a team total of £10,000 to help the charity continue it's work supporting teenage mental health. As part of this mission, I'll be attempting to complete the half marathon and humbly asking you to sponsor me in doing so!

stem4 does so many truly amazing things - from running conferences in schools that teach teens, teachers or parents how to spot the signs of poor mental health and act early, to providing apps to help young people and their loved ones, including one to manage self-harm that has over 1million downloads. Maybe I'm a little biased, but I really believe the work of this charity has the potential to make so many people so much happier. If we equip the teens of today with the right information and support at their early age, they will have the best chance of understanding their thoughts and feelings (and how best to manage them) in the rest of their lives going forward. 

Thank you so much in advance for all your kindness in donating - whatever amount you can spare - I promise I will suffer through each step of the half marathon with all your generosity and the difference it will make in mind! P.S. Don't worry - every penny will go straight to the wonderful work stem4 does - your donations won't be spent on my flights, accomodation, food or anything other than supporting teenage mental health!


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