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2019… I am turning 50. I have wanted to set a challenge for myself but also one that others can join me if they wanted. I have been working in the fitness industry for over 15 years I know first-hand how fitness helps mental health and I wanted to bring the two areas together.

As a child unfortunately, I lost one of my older brothers in a road accident. This meant having to cope with things a child/teenager should not have cope with, it is not something I find easy to talk about, even now. I feel passionate about making sure my children can talk about things they find hard to deal with, also for them to learn the skill of coping at a young age with difficult situations. I hate using the words “in my day” but I must, I had no support or opportunity to get help it was not recognised as a problem. We are no longer in that place thankfully.

Lets help this local charity who are helping teenagers in their bad place, I want all teenagers to know we care and can help them access the help they might need. Let’s run or walk, let each step help someone else and maybe it will also give you some head space at the same time.

I am in a great place now so let’s get our trainers on and start the challenge for the teenagers!

My aim is to Run/Walk 5,000 miles over the year I want others to add to the mileage as many as possible. Do it with family or friends but get running or walking clock up the miles. It might also be fun along the way!

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